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Nebular Glow Outfit - Alienation
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Nebular Glow Outfit - Alienation

Nebular Glow Outfit

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Hoodie Alienation® Glow In The Dark. Made of 100% high quality cotton, this white sweatshirt is a true manifesto of originality and versatility. 

During the day, its sober appearance and refined makes it perfect for any daily activity, while night, the logo Alienation® embroidered front lights up, transforming the garment into a unique piece that captures attention.


We present the socks Alienation glow-in-the-dark.

Apparently classic white socks, in reality thanks to their photosensitive pigments these socks are able to absorb light and glow in the dark!

This hat is unlike any other hat you've ever seen! 

With a unique design and a touch of madness, this headpiece is sure to make a difference in your collection.