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Cosmic Haze Outfit - Alienation
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Cosmic Haze Outfit - Alienation

Cosmic Haze Outfit

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Asymmetric Style and Colors

Get ready to stand out with the sweatshirt Alienation, a design masterpiece that challenges the rules. The asymmetric layers in gray and vibrant fuchsia intertwine in a game of contrasts that captures the eye and never lets go. 

Each insert is a brush stroke in an avant-garde painting, each line a path towards the future of fashion.

The logo "Alienation" is not simply sewn onto your chest; it is a seal of originality. It is the signature that sets you apart, the symbol of a community that dares to challenge the ordinary.

cargo buckle

The road to our destination is not always straight. We take the wrong path, we get lost, we turn around. Maybe it doesn't matter which road we embark on. Perhaps what matters is that you board.