alien recipe

Thanks to the photosensitive pigments masterfully applied to the surface of the garments, they are able to absorb light during the day and release it in the dark, creating a extraordinary glow in the dark effect.

Suitable for...

"This brand is verreally magical guys"

- Alessio Rosati

How does it work?


Glow in the Dark garments charge quickly in sunlight or any other available light source. 

Within seconds of exposure to light, they absorb the energy needed to glow in the dark, giving you up to 30 minutes of glow effect.

 The luminous effect persists even after numerous washes

What you choose?

Blue pill: end of story, you will close the site and continue to live in the Matrix by dressing according to the system.

Pillhello glow: stay in wonderland, and you'll see how deep the rabbit hole goes. I am offering you only uniqueness, remember that. Nothing more.

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