What is an Alien Ambassador

An Alien ambassador is a person chosen by the company who, through the products received, aims to infect the style of humans by spreading the Alien style. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the Alienation process by converting as many humans into Aliens as possible, thus helping to increase the brand's visibility and sales.

What an Alien Ambassador does

  • Generate brand awareness through word of mouth

  • Positively represents the brand in a multitude of contexts

  • Promote the brand through social media

  • Provides feedback useful for brand improvement

Join the community

Why become an Alien Ambassador

  • Receive products for free

  • Participate as a protagonist in the brand's activities (shooting, fashion shows, events)

  • It represents one of the most stylish emerging brands in Italy

  • Become a part of  Alienation and help us convert humanity into Aliens

  • Show your talent and start monetizing