Verona, a group of young people feel inside a vision different from the ordinary one, they grew up in a small reality surrounded by people who follow the same life formula, they realize that they are the crazy variable of the equation. They want more, they want something different, they want to experience exile to enter the world. They begin to think of a thousand projects and to take the most difficult path: to work independently, even if they do not have all the skills to do it. But what does it matter? As a German philosopher wrote, a strong why can withstand any how.

After dozens of discarded projects, one thinks of something else, but never of abandoning, and then something different is born, far from one's material roots. In this way it is born Alienation, a clothing brand, behind which there are more important things than selling clothes. Alienation above all it represents an idea. The idea that diversity is a virtue, that comparing ourselves with others increases our knowledge; that talking to others about their stories and desires is an enrichment; that no one can say what is right and not right to be. The idea that it's nice to be different but always the same as yourself.



The logo Alienation it is represented by the stylized figure of an Alien on a fluorescent green background, a characteristic color and identification of the brand. In a figurative sense, an Alien is someone who is different from an environment, a social context, is someone who is identified as a stranger and therefore inspires fear. The term Alien often describes the one who goes against the tide, the one who does not follow the crowd. Alienation it is also a protest movement towards today's society, a movement that condemns racism, homophobia, pollution, bullying and everything related to social segregation.

Alienation it is the black sheep that is not afraid to show itself as such, that crosses the flock without the risk of getting confused, of homologating. We do not pursue canons of beauty, since each of us is unique in its own way; we are not interested in fashion, because style is built day after day on the basis of one's own personal experience; we are not interested in being the umpteenth repetition of something already pre-established. In other words, ours is a Streetwear clothing brand with an Alien theme and dark mood, with particular garments with fluorescent details, where the diversity of the individual is exalted and defended.



The term alienation indicates the discomfort of modern man in society. In today's world, even with likes, the need for recognition on the part of society is growing. The approval of the other is therefore sought, often only through some stereotyped channels such as physical beauty and adaptation to the canons of the community, thus becoming, little by little, strangers to oneself.

In today's world, being rejected or not feeling an integral part of the "group" can cause anxiety situations that become important for the person and for his psychophysical health. This fear of not being recognized is identified as social anxiety disorder or social phobia. Alienation takes sides against all this, emphasizing that any diversity, from physical to character, from social to economic, from political to religious, they do not constitute a limit, but are a wealth and an opportunity for encounter and growth.

"Most people build and keep online a person who is a somewhat enhanced version of themselves, who values ​​the positive characteristics and dampens the negative ones, sometimes creating real characters that are new to reality, even if only for try something different "(La Repubblica).